Accessible Course Content

We are morally and legally obligated to provide all students with an equitable learning experience.

Creating accessible course content is essential to support diverse learning styles and students’ needs.


                                        An image depicting various disabilities,


   Basic Requirements

  Include links to the Marist ADA policy and student resources in the syllabus.

  Give students adequate time to complete assignments and tests.

  Learn more about how improve accessibility by following this link:


   Working with Text

  Use appropriate headings.

  Format lists correctly.

  Use text with good color contrast with its background.

  Make link text descriptive.

   Working with Tables

  Use tables only for tabular data.

  Add table headers and captions.

   Working with Images

  Add short, meaningful Alternative Text.

  For decorative elements, leave Alternative Text blank.

  Include long descriptions if needed.

  Avoid using images of text.

   Other Course Content

  Make sure PDF text can be selected with a mouse or keyboard.

  Use captioned video, a transcript if possible.