Faculty Documentation: Creating a Duplicate Exam

This video includes information on how to create groups for assigning duplicate exams and how to manage those groups, as well as how to edit the settings of an assessment. 


Best Practices for Duplicating Exams for Special Accommodations (Click to Expand)


Instructor may need to duplicate exams to accommodate students with special needs such as longer exam time, make-up exam after the due date, and failed submissions by due date. It works in the Tests & Quizzes tool by assigning the duplicate copy of the exam to the group of students with special accommodation.   

Recommendations for Creating Groups

TIP  #1: You can select more than one name at once by using SHIFT+Click for consecutive names. Use CTRL +Click to select more than one non-consecutive name.   
TIP #2: You can Click + drag up or down the site member list to select more than one name.

Step 1: Creating a New Group

1. First, go to the Site Info tool in your course site.  
2. Click   on the top of the page. 
3. You will now want to click on    to begin the creation process. 



Step 2: Duplicating your Original Exam

In order to make a duplicate copy of your exam, you will need to click the Select Action drop-down menu, and then click on Duplicate. Confirm this action, and you will see another copy of your exam with the suffix Copy #1 



Step 3: Assigning the duplicate exam to a Specific Group

1. Go to the Tests and Quizzes tool.
2. Click on the drop-down menu of the duplicate exam, and click Settings.
3. Click on the Selected group(s) option in the drop-down menu for Assessment released to



4. Select the specific group that you made earlier.

5. Scroll down and click Save Settings and Publish.