Faculty Documentation: Exam Exceptions

This video includes information on how to create Exam Exceptions and how to edit the settings of an assessment.

Best Practices

Best Practices for Adding Exam Exceptions for Special Accommodations (Click to Expand).


Exam Exceptions can be used to accommodate students with special needs, such as longer time, make-up exam after due date, and failed submission by due date. You can create an exception for individual students, or if there are multiple students who require the same exception, you can create a group.


1. To begin, go to the Course site for which the exam is in. Click on the Tests & Quizzes tool in the left menu.
2. You will be presented with a list of your available tests and quizzes.
3. Click on the Actions drop down, and select Settings.
4. You can add exceptions under the "Exceptions to Time Limit and Delivery date."
To create an exception for an individual student, under Exception for User, select the student that you would like to create an exception for.
5. If you would like to create the same exception for multiple students, you can use a group. Under "Exception for Group", select the group name for which the exception is designed.
** Please note: Group names are site visible and should be named as generic as possible. 
6. After selecting who the exception is for, you can select the available and due date, time limit, and if late submissions are accepted. 
Note: Please review the additional information at the bottom of the section before add the exception.
7. Once you are satisfied with the exception, click "Add an Exception."
8. The exception will then be listed in the section, where you will be able to edit or delete it.