Best Practices for Creating Groups for TA Access

Editing Course Permissions for Teaching Assistant Access


Creating Groups is necessary for instructors in order to give Teaching Assistants the required permissions and access to student's work in the course.

Part A: Creating Groups for General Access (Assignments) for Teaching Assistants (Click To Expand)

This process is to give general access to view and grade permissions of the course for Teaching Assistants. The TA will have access to the students in their group.

NOTE: If a TA should have limited access, create a group the only includes the students to which they have been assigned. 

1. First, go to the Site Info tool in your course site.  
2. Click  on the top of the page. 
3. You will now want to click on   to begin the creation process. 

Then, click the Add button, and you will see the group in your Group List. This will confirm that the TA has general access to the course site. 

Part B: Gradebook Access for Teaching Assistants (Click To Expand)

If you want your teaching assistants to have access to the gradebook in addition to assignments and tests & quizzes, you will have to set up special permissions to allow them access to this information.

Step 1: Go to Gradebook.

Step 2: Click on Permissions.

Step 3: Select the TA as the grader to edit.

Step 4: Click Add Rule.

Step 5: Set the three requirements based on your preferences.

Step 6: Click Save changes

The TA will now have access to the gradebook for the students or groups you have selected.

Part C: Associate Groups with Forums or Topics (Click To Expand)

You can allow group access in a forum or a topic. The directions are the same for both.

1. Click Forum Settings or Topic Settings.

2. Scroll down to Permissions.

3. Click the dropdown menu to select the permission level for each group of participants. The default permission level for Instructor is Owner.

4. To assign one forum/topic to one group (i.e. Group 1), select None for Students, and then Contributor for Group 1. This removes access from the generic student role and makes this forum or topic only accessible to Group 1.

5. Click Customize button to set up custom permission level for that group.