Faculty Documentation: Creating your iLearn Gradebook

This video includes:

  • How to add items to the Gradebook
  • Creating categories and setting weights


Video : Gradebook Part 2- Managing your iLearn Gradebook (Click to Expand)

This video included:

a. Editing existing Gradebook Items.

b. Viewing Grade Statistics and Setting scores for empty cells.

c. Organizational Options and extra credits.

d. Releasing Items to students and including Items in course grade calculation.

e. Previewing Student Grade Summary.

Best Practices for Using the Gradebook Tool (Click to Expand)


1. The Gradebook tool can contain a full list of assignments, tests and quizzes, forum posts, participation, projects and extra credit items. 

2. The Gradebook tool collects and reports grades from other iLearn tools (Forums, Assignments, Tests & Quizzes). 

WARNING: If you want to change a grade to Tests & Quizzes or Assignments, then you need to make the change in the tool where the grade has originated.

3. You can also create a Gradebook item manually within the Gradebook tool. 

4. You can add both grades and comments for students to view.

Gradebook View

The Gradebook interface is easy to view and highly customizable. It is organized into a spreadsheet style page with grading items on the top row and student names on the left column.  

1. Student name and their course grade (these two columns can be frozen while browsing)
2. Grading item groups by categories (this row can be frozen while browsing)
3. Gradebook display options such as "show or hide items" and "group by category" 
4. Course grade set to be hidden (not released to students) 
5. Grading item with manually entered scores 
6. Percentage of grades within one individual grading category 
7. Customize the view by student name
NOTE: Click the downward arrow to edit item settings, view statistics or customize its location on the gradebook interface

Setting up the Gradebook

Click the Settings tab to customize the settings of your gradebook. This section describes steps to set up a gradebook with weighted categories. 

Step 1: Grade Entry

First, select Points as your preferred method that your grades will be entered in the gradebook. 

NOTE:  When "Points" is selected, all grading items should use points to be entered and included in the course grade calculation.  


Step 2: Grade Release Rules 

Next, check the boxes to allow students to see released grading items and/or the final course grades. 

NOTEYou can allow students to see final course grades as letter grade and/or percentage. It will be useful if your grading scale is different from the default Marist grading scale. 


Step 3: Categories & Weighting

You can choose to have No categoriesCategories only, or Categories & Weighting in your gradebook.

NOTE: If you would like to be able to drop grades, you should select either Categories only or Categories & Weighting.


After selecting Categories & Weighting option, follow the simple three steps to add category items: 

1. Click Add a category button 
2. Enter a title of the category 
3. Enter a percentage of the category

NOTEYou can drag the icon to the left of these category items to sort them. 

WARNING: The percentage for all categories taken together must equal 100%.


Step 4: Grading Schema 
We recommend you review the official Marist grade scale under the drop-down menu.

WARNING: Check with your department for grade scale policies before you make changes in here. 


Step 5: Finish

When you finish setting up the gradebook, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: Categories will not display until there is at least one gradebook item under that category. Continue to the next page to learn how to add a gradebook item.

Adding a Gradebook Item

1. Under the GRADES tab, click the Add Gradebook Item button.  
2. Fill out the page and click Create to add this gradebook item. 

a) Name this gradebook item.

b) Give a point value. 

c) Choose a category. 

d) Choose a date (Optional).

e)Check off any additional features.

3. Click Create.

NOTEWhen weighted categories are used in the gradebook, you need to add a gradebook item to a category before it can be included in the course grade calculation.  

Grading in Gradebook

The default screen for the Gradebook will show the categories and items on the top row and the student information on the left column. You can click on the cell that corresponds to one student to add, view or change grades of that item

NOTEIf the item is originated from Forums, Assignments, or Tests & Quizzes, you can NOT change their grades in the Gradebook. They can only be changed in the tools they originate from. 

NOTABLE FEATURE 1: Click the downward arrow at the lower right corner of each grade cell, you can see two action buttons to view grade log and add/edit comment for that grade. 

NOTABLE FEATURE 2: Click a student's name to glance at the grade summary (course grade and all individual grades) under instructor role and the student role.  



Gradebook Statistics

Click the downward arrow at the lower right corner of an individual gradebook item on the top row, you will see a dropdown menu for this item. Click View Grade Statistics to view statistics of this individual item.  This analysis includes the mean, median, standard deviation, lowest and highest scores.


Gradebook Import/Export

The Import and Export functions are located under the Import/Export tab on the Gradebook interface. Import will allow a Gradebook to be copied from an already existing Microsoft Excel version of the Gradebook. Export will create a separate Microsoft Excel copy of the Gradebook. 

NOTE: Gradebook items that are coming from Tests & Quizzes or Assignments cannot be imported.