Student Profile: Alexis Colucci

Alexis Colucci is an undergraduate student working at the Marist Help Desk while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy.

Student Profiles: Alexis Colucci

Alexis Colucci is an undergraduate student working at the Marist Help Desk while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, to be received in May 2023, and expects to complete a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy in August 2023.

Alexis' supervisor, Barbara Mascarenhas, shared this, "Alexis has great customer service. She is very thorough and is very passionate when working with our customers. Alexis not only works to support customers on the phones, walk-ins, and via email, she also assists with training our new Help Desk staff. In addition, Alexis has been working hard on special projects that we have at the Help Desk."

Why did you choose Marist?

Like many other students, I initially fell in love with the beauty of the Marist campus and became excited to call the Hudson River Valley home for the next portion of my life. Having attended a small high school, I knew I wanted to attend a slightly bigger school for college. Marist provided the feel of a small liberal arts school like the one I had previously attended but promised to offer unique opportunities usually seen at bigger schools. I chose Marist for the people and for the opportunities - I thought it was meaningful that I would have relationships with my professors and see familiar faces on campus, but still have limitless opportunities for internships, research, and growth.

What is your favorite thing about working for the Help Desk?

While I've learned so much about customer service and working with people, in addition to developing my technical skills, at the Help Desk my favorite thing about it has been my supervisors. From my first week, my supervisors Barbara Mascarenhas and Kathy LaBarbera displayed confidence in me that I didn't yet have in myself. This made it clear that they valued all of their student workers extremely highly. Barbara and Kathy met me where I was and provided a supportive environment to develop important life skills. This motivated me to be a better worker and fueled my growth, especially as an underclassman. Kathy and Barbara demonstrated care for me as a student and person beyond my employee status, which made me feel grateful for the work environment they had cultivated. Even through challenges like COVID and new software, my supervisors have encouraged me to flourish academically, personally, and professionally, by supporting my other endeavors while still providing a place for me at the Help Desk.

What is your favorite thing about Marist?

My favorite thing about Marist is evident to prospective students even before setting foot on campus. Starting from my senior year of high school, current students (and now alumni) I had known through high school, family friends, and anyone I reached out to make an effort to get to know me. The Marist network was expansive, and everyone in it was willing to lift other Marist students up. I had countless coffee chats with upperclassmen who offered me advice on anything and everything and served as a friend at a time when I needed it most. That being said, my favorite thing about Marist is the willingness of past and current students and faculty to help other members of our community - by offering everything from informal mentorships to career connections. I've found that my experience isn't unique and that so many students benefit from the kindness of the Marist network. It is this culture of wanting to give back that makes Marist unique.

When you graduate, what do you hope to be able to do?

Similar to my answer above, when I graduate, I hope to give back to future Marist students by offering guidance on how to approach their college years based on what I've learned and accomplished in mine. Additionally, I am to help Marist students in any way I can (such as through connections or recommendations) and foster the community that I was lucky enough to utilize during my college career. Ultimately, I hope to use my experience at Marist to help ease the transition from college to adulthood for other students, as even though I have much more to learn, hopefully I can help at least one person.