Student Profile: Varun Kumar Reddy Reguri

Varun Kumar Reddy Reguri is a graduate student working in Data Center Operations while pursuing a Master's degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Systems.

Student Profiles: Esther Wekesa

Esther Wekesa is an undergraduate student working in the department of Telecommunications while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.  Esther will be graduating in May, 2023.

Esther's supervisor, Tim Lawton, says, "Esther is a hard worker, teacher, and team builder. Esther is first to teach new staff the ropes!"

Why did you choose Marist?

Esther was part of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. As part of this program, Esther would provide what things were desired from a college.  For Esther, this included a great environment to study, a small school with coursework in cybersecurity, and a college that was far from the city.

What is your favorite thing about working for Telecommunications?

Esther had previously interned for an Information Technology firm in Kenya, so had some IT background upon arriving at Marist. But the position in Telecommunications enabled Esther to see how things worked and this provided the ability to figure out how to do things based on training and observation. Additionally, the position enabled Esther to learn more about various computer programs, like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook as these were required for both the job and coursework. Prior to attending Marist, Esther had only a basic knowledge of these types of programs.

What is your favorite thing about Marist?

Esther enjoys the size of the campus and the people around campus, especially the professors. "They are attentive and you can ask them any questions you have about your coursework and they are open to answering you," Esther says. "They are almost like parents."