How to join the iLearn Site


In iLearn, you can make your site joinable so that it can be available to a wider audience than the registered participants. Anyone who can log into iLearn can find your site and join it without asking you to add them to the list of participants. A good example of a joinable site is the Marist Proofreading site in iLearn.

 To make your site "joinable," go to "Site Info," click on the "Manage Access" button on the top menu. In the "Global Access" section, check "Allow anyone to join the site with valid login id."

To find a joinable site, first find the "Membership" button on the left menu bar on your "My Workspace" page. Then click on the "Joinable Sites" button to see a list of joinable sites in iLearn. Look for the site you want and click "Join" to become a member of the site.


Step 1: Go to and log into iLearn using your Marist account and Password.


Step 2: On your Home page look for the Membership tool in the left menu.


Step 3:  Select the Joinable Site.



Step 4: Select desired worksite.



  • Academic Learning Center

    This joinable iLearn site provides resources to support all Marist students in their studies in order to promote academic success.  
    Please contact the Academic Learning Center at 575-3300 with requests for additional resources.
  • Proofreading 

           The goal of the proofreading program is to provide free proofreading services to the Marist      Community.

           This is accomplished through staffed proofreading hours in the Academic Learning Center as well as through our online proofreading service.