iLearn Documentation: Best Practices for Using the Rich Text Editor


Many pages in iLearn contain large text-entry boxes along with multiple icons and drop-down lists (located above the actual text entry area). These icons and pull-down lists make up what is known as a Rich Text Editor. Most of the tools in iLearn use the Rich Text Editor to enter text and other multimedia information.

The Rich Text Editor contains numerous buttons for you to use. However, you will find only the most commonly used buttons outlined in this document. Should you need information regarding the buttons not specifically outlined, a full detailed list of the buttons and their functions follows this document. 


New Feature: Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)

  • MathML is an application of XML for describing mathematical notations and capturing both its structure and content. It aims at integrating mathematical formulae into content.

  • Click on icon in the Rich Text Editor tool to use the feature. To learn more about how to use the tool, please visit



  • Math data that is added will be automatically saved in Resources in .png format, in a folder named 'fmath'.


Notable Feature: Browse & Insert Links to Assignments, Forums, Resources, and Tests & Quizzes

You can easily browse and insert links to Assignments, Forums, files, and quizzes in tools using the Rich Text Editor in the Announcements, Messages, and Lessons tools. 

  • When inserting links in the Rich Text Editor, click Browse Server


  • Server browser window opens. 


  • Select the item you want to link to by clicking on it. 


  • Click OK to insert the link. 

NOTE: The Upload button is no longer available. You need to upload files to the Resources, publish assignments, forums, topics, and quizzes before you can see them in the server browser window.  

Commonly Used Icons

Paste from Word 

REMINDER: This button is to be used when pasting from Word documents because it preserves your formatting. DO NOT paste directly into the text box because this will lead to unwanted code and symbols. 
1. Copy content/text from Word document.
2. Click on Paste from Word button. 

3. Paste copied text into the pop up box using CTRL+V.


REMINDER: The Paste from Word button is useful when students are writing long messages in Word offline and would like to insert them into Forums, Messages, or many other tools that use the Rich Text Editor. 

Insert or Change Link 

This button is used to add a web address to a word or phrase in the Rich Text Editor. It is important to check your web address to make sure it is still active and pointing to the correct website. 

1. Type or paste your text into the text editor. 
2. Highlight the word/phrase you want to link and select the Insert Link button.


3. Finally, type or paste your web address into the bar that says URL.



4. Once you are done, hit OK. The link will not be active until the message has been posted, so you will not be able to test it while editing the message. 

REMINDER: The Insert Link button is useful when you want to point the reader to a different web source. Remember to check the web address to make sure that it is pointing to the correct website. 

NOTE: Some of the buttons (and their functions) in the editor are not available in all tools in iLearn. If the button is available, then the function it provides is also available. 
Spell Check: Press Ctrl (Command on Mac) + Right-click on misspelled words to bring up the browser spell checker.

Detailed List of Rich Text Editor Buttons and Their Functions

Text Formatting Activities


Adding and Removing text, Non-text Items, and Special Characters


Miscellaneous activities