iLearn Documentation: Recording Audio in Rich Text Editor

Recording Audio in Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor Audio allows users to record audio messages and share in Sakai. It is an alternative communication method to the routine text information that can be created in the Rich Text Editor. It can be used in Annoucements, Messages, Discussions, Lessons, and other tools that have Rich Text Editor. 


NOTE: This feature will ask for your permission to access your microphone. You need to allow the browser to use your microphone. This will enable the Record button.

Step 1: Click on the audio recording button.


Step 2: Click Share Selected Device to allow the browser to access your microphone.  The Start Recording button will initially be disabled until you give access to your microphone.



Step 3: Click on Start Recording button to record your audio message.


NOTE: You will have a maximum of 180 seconds to record your audio message.

Step 4: Click on Stop Recording once you are done recording your audio message. 

Step 5: You can listen to recorded message by clicking on Preview Recording button. 


Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your audio message, click on Post Recording to add the recorded response into the Rich Text Editor. 

Step 7: Repeat Step 1-6 to add additional audio messages to the Rich Text Editor.

Step 8: After posting all your audio messages, click Save