How To: Embedding a Video into Rich Text Editor

Embedding a video in Rich Text Editor lets you view the video on the same page without having to go to an external site to view it. You can also align your video with any image or text to enhance the layout. It can be used in Announcements, Messages, Discussions, Lessons, and other tools that have Rich Text Editor.

First, locate the YouTube video you would like to embed in a text box and click share.

This displays the YouTube sharing panel. Click Embed.

This displays the Youtube video embed code. Copy the embed code.

Copy the embed code to your computers clipboard. (CTRL-C for PC or COMMAND-C for Mac). 

Tip: Remove the check mark next to "Show suggested videos when the video finishes"

In the text box, click Source.

This displays the HTML code for the text box. Then, position the cursor.

Position your cursor where you would like the video embedded, then paste the YouTube embedded code (CTRL-V for PC or COMMAND-V for Mac).

Click Source again.

This returns the text box display to normal editing mode. The embedded YouTube video will display as a box marked "iframe." When the item using the text box is posted or saved, it displays the embedded YouTube video.