iLearn Documentation: Embedding Video into Rich Text Editor

Embedding a video in Rich Text Editor lets you view the video on the same page without having to go to an external site to view it. You can also align your video with any image or text to enhance the layout. It can be used in Announcements, Messages, Forums, Lessons, and other tools that have Rich Text Editor.


NOTE: The steps below use a video from YouTube site as an example. If you want to use a video from other video streaming sites, you may need to use different method to obtain the embed code. 


Step 1: Select the video that you want to insert from YouTube. Then click Share and Choose the Embed option that is available below the video. 

Step 2: Copy the entire embed code.


Step 3: Go to the Rich Text Editor and click the Source tab and paste the copied code. 

NOTE: Under the source editing mode, all other icons are greyed out and unusable. 

Step 4: You can change the size of the video by modifying the height and width tags from the code. 

Step 5: Click Source again, you are back to the editing mode of the Rich Text Editor. Here you may align the embedded video with text or in the center of the page. 

Step 6: Click Save to finish the process.