Faculty Documentation: Statistics Tool

This video includes:

  • Descriptions of the various sections on the Overview page of Statistics Tool.


Video: Statistics Tool - Custom Reports (Click to Expand)

This video includes:

  • How to create and generate custom reports for activities like visits, events and resources.

Best Practices for the Statistics Tool (Click to Expand)


The Statistics tool provides a way for you to group and see data about your course site. For example, you can see which course members have not yet visited the site, how frequently members visit the site, which tools are most used, or who has submitted their assignments.

Common Uses

The Statistics tool lets faculty generate and work with reports in several ways.

The quickest way to generate a report is to select from the Overview tab of Site Statistics tool by clicking on a statistic, or by clicking on View complete report link in the summary.

In addition, faculty may also generate their own customized reports. They may print any report generated in the Site Statistics tool.

Viewing Default Overview Reports:

The Overview tab provides you with statistics for 4 main categories: Visits, Activities, Resources, and Lessons Pages.


Clicking Show more under the title of a statistic will display a graph interface like the one pictured above. You have the option to choose a specific time period or who’s data should be displayed, as well as view the information by time vs. by user. This bar graph shows how many visits the course site got in the past week by all site participants.

Clicking on the blue text under the statistics will display a visual graph of the specific data pertaining to that statistic, like the one shown below. This specific report shows all of the visits to the site over time, differentiating total visits and unique visits with orange and blue bars.


Steps to Generate a Custom Report:

Generating student reports can be useful, for example, if you’d like to monitor a student’s activity on the site over time, or how many students submitted a quiz.

Step 1: Go to Site Statistics tool and select Reports tab. This will display the reports screen where you can access your saved reports.

Step 2: Click on Add. A new Report screen will be displayed.


Step 3: Enter the Title and Description.


Step 4: The activity dropdown menu provides several options. Visits will generate data pertaining to how many times students visited the site, and Events allows you to see data pertaining to specific actions in tools. For example, if you want to generate a report to see who submitted the quizzes, you would select Events, then ‘T&Q Assessment Submit’ from the Events drop down menu. From the Period drop down menu, select an option according to your preference. 


Step 5: From Users drop down menu, select Custom. This lets you select a student for whom you want to generate the report.


Step 6: After entering all the required details, click on Generate report. Clicking Save report adds the report to ‘My Reports’ in the reports tab, and lets you edit your report in future.


The generated report looks like the image shown below:


The report shows how many times each student has taken and submitted a quiz in the Tests & Quizzes tool. If you want to see this information displayed graphically, choose ‘Chart’ or ‘Chart and Table’ from the Presentation drop down menu before you generate your report. If you do this, the report will look similar to the picture below, if you choose the bar graph option.