Student Documentation: Embedding Images into the Forum


This document explains how to upload images into the student's Resources tool and the two main ways that can be used by the students to embed a picture in their forum.

Uploading Images into Resources Tool:

Step 1: Click on Home and go to Resources tool. 


Step 2: Click on Actions and select Upload Files.


Step 3: Drag and drop the images from your computer into the space provided.


Changing the access of the uploaded files to Public:

Step 1: Click on Actions and go to Edit Details.


Step 2: Under the "Additional access" tab, there is a checkbox named "This file is publicly viewable". When this field is checked, the item will be visible to everyone.


Step 3: Click on Update to save the changes.

Method 1: Embedding from the student's Resource Folder (Click To Expand)

Step 1: To get started, click on start a new conversation.

Step 2: Click on    icon from the Rich Text Editor to import the image.


Step 3: A pop-up window appears. Click on "Browse Server" to select the image from your own Resources tool.


Step 4: Notice that, a student cannot select an image from their course site's "Resources" tool since students are not given access to this tool.


Step 5: To select the image from your own Resources Tool, go to "My Workspace" and then select the "Resources" folder. You can select your image from this folder.


Step 6: Select your preferred size and alignment of the image and click on OK.


Step 7: The image gets copied into the Rich Text Editor.

Method 2: Using Copy-Paste to embed the image (Click To Expand)

NOTE: This method will not work in FIREFOX. It works perfectly in GOOGLE CHROME.

Step 1: Click on "Start a new Conversation" to post your views.

Step 2: Copy the image that you want to use.

Step 3: Click on   (paste) icon and a pop up window appears. Paste your image in the blank space.


Step 4: The image gets copied into the Rich Text Editor. You can change the image properties by double-clicking it and an "Image Properties" dialog box appears.


Step 5: Choose your desired options and click on "OK".

NOTE: The actual location of the copied image can be seen in the "source" tab. If the image is copied from internet, a really long URL stating the address of the image will be saved in the "src" tag. If the image is copied from the student's hard-drive, location to the image will be saved.