Student Documentation: Messages Tool

The Messages tool can be found in the lefthand toolbar on iLearn. It is iLearn's internal email system and can be used to communicate with instructors and other students in each of your courses.


There are, however, some important distinctions between Messages and a traditional email system. Most importantly, Messages are course specific. In other words, within the Messages tool of each course, you are only able to view the messages of and send messages to other people in that course.

  • You cannot view the messages of your other course sites.

  • You cannot send a single message to multiple course sites.

  • You cannot send messages to people outside the iLearn system.

This is an important security measure designed to make sure that your privacy as a student is never challenged.

When you visit the Messages tool in each of your course sites, you will:

See folders for organizing your mail for that particular course:

1. Received – Messages received

2. Sent – Messages you have sent

3. Deleted – Messages that have been deleted

4. Draft- Messages you have written, but not yet sent

Have other options to:

5. Compose a new message

6. Create additional folders to help you organize your messages

7. Access forwarding settings

Composing a Message in iLearn (Click To Expand)

Compose a Message:


When composing a message it is similar to composing a regular email.

1. Select a recipient (required). Remember that the only possible recipients for the message are other members of the course site.

    You can select:

    a. All participants- All members of the course site (students and instructors)

    b. Student Role- All students in the course site

    c. Instructor Role- All instructors in the course site

    d. Other groupings created by your instructor

    e. An individual recipient

***You may send messages to multiple parties by holding the ctrl key as you select participants.***

2. Add a BCC (another recipient of the message).

3. Send a copy of the message to the official Marist email address of the recipient.

4. Add a subject to indicate what the message is about (required).

5. Add a body to the message.

6. Add an attachment, such as an image or document, from your computer or a URL.

7. Send, Preview, Save a Draft of, or Cancel your message.

Forwarding iLearn Messages to Email (Click To Expand)

In order to view the messages you receive in each of your courses, you must visit the Messages tool of each course site.
You also have the option of auto-forwarding the messages you receive on iLearn to your desired email address.
If you choose to do so, this setting must be altered individually for each of your courses.

To forward the messages you receive on iLearn to your desired email, do the following for each course:

1. Click the Messages tool in the left-hand toolbar.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Yes under Auto-Forward Settings.

4. Enter the email address where you would like to receive the forwarded iLearn messages. This can be your Marist email or a personal email account.


5. Click Save Settings.