Student Documentation: Uploading and Embedding Images in Rich Text Editor


Uploading and embedding images from the Rich Text Editor (RTE) allows you and other members of the site to view an image of your choice in a particular course site. It can be used in the site tools like Messages, Discussions, Lessons, and any other tools that have Rich Text Editor. Embedded images can be a fun way to make your posts stand out!


Uploading an Image from Your Computer or Home Resources

Step 1: If you want to embed one of your own images in the RTE, you need to upload that image to your Home Resources (My Workspace) prior to opening the RTE.



TIP #1:  In order to stay organized, upload images that you may want to use into a folder under Resources prior called 'Public Images' to this process so that way you can easily find them there!

Step 2: Click on the Actions button next to your Public Images folder, then Edit Details. Check off the box under Availability and Access that says 'This folder and its contents are publicly viewable.' Doing this makes your images public within iLearn so that others can see them when you embed them, but does not make them viewable outside iLearn.


Step 3: Click on the Image button in a Rich Text Editor window.

Step 4: Click on the Browse Server button which will allow you to embed an image from your Home Resources or from your computer. 


Step 5: With that completed, go to the Resources folder located under 'My Workspace' on the left navigation menu. Select the image you want to upload and click OK. 


Step 6: Adjust the various formatting options available. You have the ability to change the width and height of your image by typing in the different dimensions into the width and height boxes. You also can align the photo to the left, center, or right of your text in the RTE. Finally, checking off the Captioned Image box will let you give your picture a title that will appear under it when it is displayed. 

Step 7: Click the green OK button to embed your image. 

After clicking OK, your image will appear in the RTE!


Embedding an Image from the Web

Another way to upload and embed an image is to enter the URL from the image's web address into the URL box. 

Step 1: Find the image you want to embed on the web.

Step 2: Right click the image, and select 'Copy Image Address'


Step 3: Click on the Image button in a Rich Text Editor window.


Step 4: Paste this address into the URL box.

Step 5: Adjust the settings for the image, then click OK.