Student Documentation: Syllabus

The course syllabus will be your main source for course information. It will provide class expectations, grading policies, course goals and objectives, a tentative schedule for due dates, and much more. It should be one of the first tools you enter when you begin class. You will be expected to know and follow all of the policies and procedures set forth in the syllabus.

To access the syllabus, go to the toolbar on the left and select Syllabus.

It is possible that your instructor may have attached the syllabus as a downloadable document. In this case, there would be a link which you can click to download the syllabus, as you would if you were downloading an attachment from an email.

The other option is the text version that appears right in the syllabus tool!

Both options are usually printer-friendly. The downloaded syllabus can be printed from the application it was opened it i.e. Microsoft Word, and the "Print View" button can be used to print the text version. 

Remember, you are expected to read the course syllabus and become familiar with the course procedures and expectations. It is best to do this at the beginning of each course as all instructors are different.