Student Documentation: Tests and Quizzes Tool

This video includes how to begin an assessment, navigating from question to question and submitting an assessment for grading. 

Video: Taking Tests and Quizzes (Click to Expand)

This video explains about how to take an assessment and main features such as Question Progress, Mark for Review and Submit for Grading while taking the assessment.


Student Assessment through iLearn Tests and Quizzes Tool (Click to Expand)

Your instructors may create tests and quizzes for you to take in your course sites on iLearn. Each assessment is different. Some assessments will have time have time limits, allow for resubmissions, contain multiple choice, true/false, open-ended questions, or a combination of question types, or provide immediate feedback. Regardless, these assessments allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the course content.

To view the tests and quizzes you can take, as well as tests and quizzes you have taken, go to the Tests and Quizzes tool in the left-hand toolbar in your iLearn course site.

You will see two sections: Take an Assessment and Submitted Assessments.


Under Take an Assessment is a list of assessments that are currently available for you to take.

You can view the:
1. Titles of the assessments available for you to take.
2. Time limit for each assessment- if your instructor chooses to provide one.
3. Due date and time of each assessment- if your instructor chooses to provide one.

NOTE: You will not be able to access an assessment after its assigned due date and time.
Under Submitted Assessments is a list of assessments that you have already taken.

You can view the:
1. Title of each submitted assessment.
2. Statistics of each submitted assessment, such as class average and range of scores.
3. Recorded score you received on each submitted assessment. This is your final grade on the assessment.
Sometimes, instructors allow resubmissions of assessments. Your recorded score may be the highest score you received or an average of all scores received on that assessment.
If no resubmissions are allowed, the recorded score is the score you received on your single submission of the assessment.
If you see a grade after submitting an assessment that you do not believe is reflective of the work you done, your instructor may not have finished grading.
4. Feedback for each submitted assessment.
Feedback may be available immediately after the assessment is completed, or your instructor may wait to release feedback at a later date.
5. Individual score(s) for each submitted assessment.
If you re-submit an assessment, a list of each score received on that particular assessment will be shown here.
6. Time it took to complete each submitted assessment.
7. Date and time of submission for each completed assessment.
8. All Submissions/Scores or Only Recorded Scores

All Submissions/Scores provides you with the above information for all assessment submissions, including resubmissions.

Only Recorded Scores provides you with less detailed information regarding the final score on each assessment you have taken. If you retake an assessment, only information regarding the highest or average score will be provided here.

Taking an Assessment using the Tests and Quizzes Tool (Click to Expand)

To take an assessment, do the following:

1. Go to your desired course site on iLearn.

2. Click the Tests and Quizzes tool in the left-hand toolbar.

3. Find and click the title of the assessment you wish to take under Take an Assessment.

4. Before beginning, review important information regarding the assessment, including Due date and Time Limit.

NOTE: Once you click Begin Assessment, the timer will start. Number of resubmissions and scoring details

5. Click Begin Assessment.

6. Take the assessment. Remember that each assessment is different and may contain different types of questions.

7. For each question, you can:


NOTE: If an assessment is timed, a timer will appear in the upper left-hand corner of each question as you take the assessment.

a) View the question number and total number of questions
b) View the point value of each question.
c) Reset selection- or clear your response for that question.
d) Mark or Review- Checking Mark for Review will bookmark questions you would like to review before submitting the assessment. Click on the Table of Contents (h) link at the top of the page to find a full list of questions. The question mark symbol will appear next to any question you have marked for review. This feature is optional and has no impact on your submission or your response for that question. You must manually review all questions marked as such- this tool does not do it for you.
e) Move to the previous or next question.
f) Save your work periodically to avoid losing responses.
g) Exit the assessment to continue working at a later time.

NOTE: This does not submit your assessment for grading. This is not an option for timed assessments. Once you begin a timed assessment, you only have the amount of time given by your instructor. That time does not stop when you save and exit the assessment to continue working later.
h) View a Table of Contents for the entire assessment. Here, you will find:

i) The total possible points that can be earned in the assessment
ii) A list of questions with their individual point values. Each question can be marked as unanswered, answered, or for review- as indicated by the key.
iii) The option to submit to your instructor for grading or exit the Table of Contents to return to the assessment to continue working or exit the entire assessment and save for later.

8. As you complete the final question of an assessment, you will have the option to click Submit for Grading. This signifies that you have completed the assessment and submits it to your instructor for grading.

NOTE: Before submitting for grading, be sure to check all of your responses! Use the Table of Contents tool to review your assessment before submission.


9. You will receive an Assessment Submission Warning. Click Submit for Grading to formally submit the assessment to your instructor for grading. Or click Previous to return to the assessment and continue working.

NOTE: Your assessment is not submitted for grading until you click Submit for Grading of the last question of the assessment AND click Submit for Grading under the Assessment Submission Warning.

10. You will receive a Submission Confirmation. Record the Submission Confirmation Number for your records. You will also receive a copy of the Submission Confirmation to your official Marist email account. Save this for your records, as well.


Please allow your instructor adequate time to grade all tests and quizzes. If you see a grade that is not reflective of the work you have done, your instructor may not be finished grading. Some parts, such as multiple choice, can be graded automatically, while others, such as short answer responses, must be graded manually and will take more time.

iLearn Students Tip Sheet: Taking Tests and Quizzes (Click to Expand)


The following document will address a number of common issues that students often encounter when taking examinations in iLearn and how to avoid them. 
IMPORTANT:  Instructors have a great deal of control over how exams are configured.  Thus, you may find that your particular exam does not have some of the features noted below. 

Using the "Question Progress" Option

In the upper right corner of each exam question screen is a panel labeled "Question Progress".  This option will display a list of all of the exam questions and allow you to quickly jump to a specific question.  Questions are also marked to indicate if they are unanswered or if you have "marked them for review" (see next section). 

TIP #1Click the small triangle next to each part of the exam to expand open the list of questions.  


Using the "Mark for Review" Option

When taking exams, you may notice a check box below each question titled "Mark for Review".  Checking this box will place a "mark" next to the question in the Table of Contents for the exam, allowing you to quickly return to the question to review it before submitting it for grading. 
WARNING:  Once an exam is submitted you cannot return to previously marked questions (or any questions for that matter) to make changes.  You should be sure to review all "marked" questions and make any changes prior to submitting your exam. 


Completing Questions that Subtract Points for Wrong Answers

Normally, you will not lose points for selecting an incorrect answer however, as means to discourage guessing, instructors can create multiple choice or true/false questions that will subtract a given number of points for each incorrect answer.  Similarly, multiple choice questions that ask you to select more than one correct answer will deduct points for incorrect selections.   
In these cases, it is best not to guess at answers if you are unsure of the correct response.  If you have selected an answer and decide that you prefer to leave the question unanswered, click the Reset Selection link (see screenshot above) to clear your selection. 
TIP #2 Check with your instructor before your exams to see if they plan to use questions that subtract points for wrong answers as this information will not be displayed in the exam itself. 
"Save," "Next" and "Save for Later" Buttons

The Save and Next buttons save each answer as you move through the exam. Save will return you to the saved question. Next will save move you to the next item.  If you encounter technical problems (e.g. computer crash), you will be able to re-enter the exam and will have access to your prior answers.  

If you leave a timed assessment, the "clock" will continue to count down and you will not be able to get this time back.  For untimed exams, a Save for Later button will be displayed that allows you to save your work, exit and return to complete it prior the due date. 

When you finish the assessment, make sure to click Submit for Grading button to submit your work.