Student FAQs

  Please refer to the FAQs below for any queries on Learning using iLearn.

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Getting Started with iLearn

 iLearn, which stands for Innovative Learning Environment and Research Network, is a web-based "collaborative learning environment" built to support formal and informal collaboration, ranging from fully online and face-to-face courses to faculty committee work and student clubs.  The system provides a range of communication and information management tools designed to facilitate interactions with content, between instructor and students, and peer to peer.

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My Profile


My Profile tool offers a rich interface for managing your personal academic profile. Students and instructors can post status updates, find people with common academic and personal interests, and create academic networks. The tool also contains a comprehensive set of privacy controls.

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Site Favorites

 Having trouble locating your sites? You can set them as favorite so that they appear across the top of your iLearn site right when you log in!

You can also remove old favorites for courses that you no longer want to appear in the top banner. 

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Posting Forums Tip Sheet

 FORUM - Represents the top level of the discussion hierarchy (e.g. Week One, Unit One, etc.) and can be thought of as the room you might reserve to hold a discussion.
TOPIC - Represents the mid-level in the discussion hierarchy (e.g. Chapter One Questions) and be thought of as the questions you would write on the board for the group to discuss.
CONVERSATION - Represents the lower-level of the discussion hierarchy (e.g. Answers to Chapter One Questions) and would represent the conversations that take place around each topic.

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Browser Cache Tips Sheet

A browser's web cache is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images.  Clearing the browsers cache allows it to display the most up to date view of the web page.

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Using Turnitin Service in iLearn

This document will explain a number of common issues that students encounter when using the integration in iLearn and how to avoid them.

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Panopto for Student Vlogs

Panopto is the Marist version of Youtube. It enables professors and students of Marist to record and upload recordings through the iLearn system and have more control over who has access to them. With Panopto, you have the option to share recordings publicly, but it is not necessary- unlike Youtube. Professors and students are able to record and share recordings more privately and efficiently. Professors are able to record and embed videos in course content and lessons, while students are able to record and upload recordings (i.e. vlogs) to iLearn to share with professors or other students.

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