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What faculty are saying

"I've applied the tips and tricks I learned in the "Hybrid Instruction with a Twist of Lemon" and the feedback has been tremendous."

Tuesday, July 28

2:00 pm EDT 20 Minute Bake-off: Panopto : In this session, you’ll to sign up for our workshops for a more in-depth tutorial. .  Watch Recording
4:00 pm EDT  Counseling Services: Hear from Counseling Services about a Telehealth Services Model that is designed to best support students’ wellbeing and mental health, whether on-campus or remote-learning from home. Learn about the telehealth counseling options available, how to set up an appointment, and how to access emergency services.  Watch Recording
8:00 pm EDT Move-In: Hear from Admissions and Housing staff about the details and processes for student drop-off and move-in for the fall semester. Watch Recording

Tuesday, July 28

2:00 pm EDT Housing: In this session, you’ll hear from Housing and Residential Life staff about student drop-off and move-in, how to view your housing assignments, protocols for travel and food delivery, and more. Watch Recording
4:00 pm EDT  Fitness/Recreation/Activities: In this session, you’ll learn about new guidelines for clubs and organizations, new and modified programming, including outdoor movies and painting events, and hear updates on athletics, club and intramural sports, and facilities.  Watch Recording
7:00 pm EDT Student Conduct/Parking & Vehicles: This session will provide an overview of student behavioral expectations related to COVID-19 both on and off campus, the role that the Office of Student Conduct and the Department of Safety and Security plays in supporting adherence to expectations and the safety of the community, and the potential consequences for non-compliance.  Watch Recording

Wednesday, July 29

2:00 pm EDT Dining: In this session, you’ll learn about the new dining options and Thrifty Cash Dining Plan, the use of Grubhub for on and off campus meals, serving and seating procedures, and special dietary options.  Watch Recording
4:00 pm EDT  Commuters: Learn about updated health and safety protocols specific to our commuter students.  Watch Recording
7:00 pm EDT Quarantine/Testing: In this session, you’ll learn about our new Health Services location and access to care, as well as isolation and quarantine procedures, symptom reporting, and contact tracing.  Watch Recording