Faculty Documentation: Best Practices for Using the Tests & Quizzes Tool


On the Tests & Quizzes page in iLearn, you will have four options for creating a new test/quiz: 
1. Create: Use a "wizard" to create assessments to your specification
2. Create from Text: Use a single-screen editor to set up text using specified formatting
3. Import: Import an existing assessment from an IMS QTI-compliant XML file from your computer 
4. Duplicate: Copy an assessment from an existing assessment within the same course

After creating the assessment, you need to add content and then set up options in "Settings." Some published tests and quizzes will be graded automatically (e.g. multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false) after the students complete them and then the grades will be released to the Gradebook if the configuration of the Gradebook is complete.


Best Practices for Using the Tests & Quizzes Tool

Creating New Tests and Quizzes (Click To Expand)

Creating New Tests and Quizzes

To create a new assessment, choose the appropriate radio button and click "Continue." 
Note: All assessments must be given a title. 

Or to import an existing assessment, click the Import button to choose a file.


Creating a Test/Quiz Using the Wizard (Click To Expand)

Creating a Test/Quiz Using the Wizard

The "Create" option uses a "Wizard" to populate test questions. 

Step 1: Add Parts (optional)
Parts are sections of an exam, such as "Chapter 1" or "Multiple-Choice Questions." To add a part, click "Add Part" on the exam's creation page and fill in the information. 

Step 2: Add questions

Select the question type from the "Add Question" drop down menu. 

New Feature: There is a new question type called Hot Spot.

(Contact Digital Education for a consult on this new feature.)

Step 3: Edit question text and options.Enter the following information for each question: 


Creating a Test or Quiz from Text (Click To Expand)

Creating a Test or Quiz from Text
Use the "Create from Text" option when you want to create a test or quiz based on an existing assessment in Word. Apply specified formatting to the questions in your Word document and then copy and paste them into the editor window for easy creation.

Step 1: Enter Assessment/Question Pool Information
Enter a brief description of the assessment. This will appear to students when they log in to take the assessment.

Step 2: Write the Assessment Questions

1. Start with a Word document containing a consolidated list of assessment questions.
2. In the list of "Instructions and Examples" to the right of the editor, select the type of question you will be asking.
3. Note the instructions for developing a particular question type.
4. Apply the specified styles to the question in your Word document.
5. Copy and paste the questions into the editor. 

NOTE: You must adhere to the formatting exactly as it appears in the examples. Incorrectly formatted assessments appear-by default-as short answer questions.

6. When you are finished, click "Next" to validate your exam. 


Step 3: Validate assessment

1. Verify that the question, type, point value and answer choices/correct answers are accurate.

NOTE: Incorrectly-formatted questions will be automatically read as short-answer questions. 

2. Click "Create Assessment" to complete assessment creation. Proceed to "Settings" (next page) to learn about changing settings on this assessment. 


Editing or Publishing Your Assessment (Click To Expand)

Editing or Publishing Your Assessment

Once your assessment has been created it will be placed in the Working Copies section of the Tests and Quizzes tool. After it has been published it will be available to students under the Published Copies section. It will not be available to students when the availability date has passed. 

 NOTE: Any changes made to the Working Copies assessment will not be made to already published assessments in the Published Copies section. If you want to make changes to already published assessment, change the copy in the Published Copies section. 

Once an assessment is created there will be a set of actions available. 

Assessment Settings (Click To Expand)

Assessment Settings
After writing your exam, you are given a number of settings options. These are described below. 

NOTE: The Digital Education staff has set a number of default conditions for your assessment. These have been set to minimize confusion and difficulty over using the tool. Please contact Digital Education if you want to change a strongly suggested default setting.

When you are finished, choose "Save" or "Save Settings and Publish" (all assessments will need to be published before students can see them). You can elect to have students notified by email when new tests are published. 

Saved, unpublished assessments will appear in the "Working Copies" list. When published, assessments appear in the "Published Copies" as "Active" on the assessments list. After the retract date passes, assessments move to the "Inactive" list. 

If you have questions about settings or if you would like a Digital Education staff member to review your assessment before you publish it, please contact us for a consult.