Instructor Resources:

The iLearn Learning Management System has a variety of tools to help you teach online.  Most of these tools are integrated into iLearn for easy access.  Check out our resources for links to helpful tutorials and easy-to-use documentation. The documentation includes tips for communicating within iLearn, managing your iLearn course, calendars, grades, groups, and more.
These step-by-step instructions will quickly get you up and running with iLearn. The iLearn tutorials New Course Checklist (, includes 
Create Your Own Course Site: 
Additionally, the main iLearn tools you will need for moving your course to iLearn include: 

Training Sessions:  

Beginning March 16, 2020, Digital Education will be hosting iLearn Help Labs.  Faculty may sign-up for one of the many labs via the Center for Teaching Excellence Workshop Calendar, available via / Faculty tab / CTE Workshop Calendar or
If you are interested in an evening session, a one-on-one session, or a one-on-one Webex session, please give Digital Education a call at (845)-575-3572 to schedule the training session.