2019 Award Winners

Excellence in Digital Course Design

Dr. Katharine Dill: For her project entitled, “The Digital Internship Fair” created to showcase how she incorporated new and innovative methods into her legacy assignment. The project was developed for her students to share their senior year field placement experiences. The site is used as both a reflective learning tool for seniors, and as a method for juniors to make critical decisions about their future senior-level placement.


Innovative Use of Technology

Terry Ciccaglione and John Cary: For their project entitled, “Financial Literacy Bus 120N / C & C Personal Finance Podcasts” podcasts were created to mirror the information covered in each chapter of the text used in the Financial Literacy (Bus 120) class offered by the School of Management. The podcasts are used to review and refresh the students’ familiarity with the concepts covered in class, using an on-demand format.

Kathryn (Kammi) DiCorcia: For her project entitled, “Academic Learning Center Joinable iLearn Site” created to showcase how the Academic Learning Center (ACL) supports students, faculty, and staff as they navigate campus resources. The ACL also supports a list of topics generated by Marist students and can be accessed via iLearn by the entire Marist community. The site is interactive, and suggestions and recommendations for additional resources can be sent to the ALC for research and addition to the site. Through this site, a community of over 260 members has formed.


Collaborative Innovation Award

Dr. Tony Carrizales and Dr. James Melitski: For their project entitled, “Marist Cyber Foxes: Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge Team,” an iLearn site was created to participate in a prestigious competition against other colleges. For the first time, a team of Marist Cyber Foxes, comprised of Master of Public Administration students, Michael Lembo, James Morrow-Polio, Patricia Peabody, Greg Lucha, Chris Perch, and Gerald Wen, competed in this elite challenge designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the policy challenges associated with cyber crisis and conflict. The site provided both the instructors and the students the opportunity to share ideas on, or about, cyber crisis while fostering a collaborative experience.