Documentation: Clear Your Cache

Discussions may not work properly if you do not clear your cookies and cache.  For faculty, grading may not work properly if you do not clear your cookies and cache in your browser. 


Clear Your Cache in Google Chrome Browser:

1. Open Google Chrome Browser in your computer.  
2. At the top right corner, click on Menu and click on "Settings."
3. In the Settings Tab, Click on "Advanced" section.
4. Under "Privacy and security" section , click on "Clear browsing data."
5. Select the time range as "All time" from the drop down and uncheck every box except Cookies and other site data & Cached images and files. Then, click on "clear data" to clear your browser cookies and cache.

Clear Your Cache in FireFox Browser:


1. Open Firefox browser in your computer. 
On the top right corner, click on browser menu and select Options.
2. In the Options tab, select "Privacy & Security" among the list of options in the left navigation pane.
3. Under History section, Click on "Clear History" button.
4. In the "Clear All History" pop-up window, select the Time range to clear and make sure to select the checkbox for Cache. Then Click "Clear Now" to clear your browser cache.
Note: It is advisable to select "Everything" for the Time range to clear your Cache.  Make sure to select Cookies as well if you would like to clear your browser cookies.