Workshop: Grading versus Assessment

Monday, February 6, 4:00-5:15 PM; Hancock 2023 

Victoria Ferrara, Director of Academic Affairs and Assessment 


Abstract: Faculty often report they feel overwhelmed with grading and assessment requirements. Did you know that there are key differences between grading student work and assessing student learning? Did you also know you can use the same assignments and tools for both? This workshop focuses on the differences between grading and assessment and sheds light on how to streamline these processes to make them easier and more efficient. Participants will explore various ways to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency in grading and assessment. 

Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Classroom

Wednesday, February 15, 12:30-1:45; Hancock 2023 

Victoria Ferrara, Kevin Gaugler, Brian Gormanly, Patrick O’Donnell, Julin Sharp, and Kathleen Weisse 


Abstract: This panel discussion will focus on the potential impact of recent developments in artificial intelligence on academic integrity. ChatGPT, for example, is a chatbot that interacts conversationally and provides detailed responses to prompts across many disciplines. The panel will examine the nature and scope of chatbots like ChatGPT and explore strategies for developing meaningful assessments with it in mind. The panel will also discuss the development of tools and resources for Marist faculty to navigate this recent development, and, even, to use it as an opportunity for our students to learn.  

How to Create a More Effective and Engaging Classroom II

Wednesday, February 22, 12:30-1:45; Hancock 2017 


Susan Chambre 


Abstract: Would you like to foster more engagement in your classroom? Workshop participants will learn about tools they can use to engage students in-person and online. Attendees will learn the theoretical underpinnings of student engagement and self-reflection to better understand how these processes work in tandem to support learning. The workshop will include hands-on activities, culled from improvisational theater, to develop engagement tools for new and seasoned professors or lecturers. 

Excel for Academics: Tips and Tricks for Faculty, Chairs, and Program Directors

Friday, March 3, 12:30-1:45; Hancock 2023 


Jay Pantaleo 


Abstract: Learn to use the power of Excel to help manage course assignments, program enrollment, and forecast section needs. This workshop will introduce you to basic numerical and text functions that will help you manage data that can be easily accessed through Banner's self-service tool. We will then create basic pivot tables to manipulate and analyze data, and end by exploring Excel's forecasting tool. 

Assessment Workshop: Creating Meaningful and Measurable Outcomes

Wednesday, April 12, 11:00-12:15; Hancock 2023 


Victoria Ferrara, Director of Academic Affairs and Assessment  


Abstract: Student learning begins with the expectations faculty establish and communicate to students. Clear, meaningful, and measurable learning outcomes aligned with what we expect students to demonstrate are critical to student success. This workshop will focus on understanding the nuances of learning goals and learning outcomes and how these goals and outcomes are related. Participants will explore tips for writing clear, meaningful, and measurable learning outcomes to help guide their instruction and facilitate student learning. Faculty should bring a copy of one of their syllabi with their learning outcomes to the workshop. 

Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Thursday, April 20, 12:30 PM; Hancock 2023 


Rebecca Brown 

Zion Klos 


Abstract: Faculty-mentored undergraduate research is a high-impact practice that improves student learning and success and is increasingly a part of the academic experience of Marist students. This panel will discuss strategies for successfully mentoring undergraduate research projects. It will also explore ways for students to share their research with a wider audience.