Certificate Track - iLearn Level 1

Are you new to iLearn? This certificate is for you! Learn the tools and features available to bend iLearn to meet your needs. Through this certificate, you will become proficient in creating digital learning materials through iLearn.

1. Intro to iLearn (Click to Expand)

This workshop provides a quick overview of the iLearn system to beginner users of iLearn. Best practices on using iLearn will be shared along with a range of student support materials to help participants prepare to use the iLearn system. Hands-on practice is crucial to this workshop.

This workshops includes guidance on using basic functions of individual iLearn tools for teaching, such as Syllabus, Lessons, Resources, Assignments, Gradebook, Announcements, Messages, and Forums

2. Hands on Workshop (Wrap Up = QM) (Click to Expand)

Through this series we will provide personalized support and hands on collaborative experiences, allowing you to preview the new system features in the comfort of Digital Education's test lab. 

3. Content Development (Click to Expand)

Streamlining your content to optimize the learning pathway while customizing course and content delivery methods with a focus on centralized navigation.

This hands-on workshop is designed to allow faculty to collaborate and innovate while being supported through the digital course development process. 

4. Design Based on Quality Standards (Click to Expand)

This workshop is a practical presentation and exchange of ideas on a variety of online teaching techniques facilitated by the Lessons tool. It should be useful for both novice and seasoned instructors alike.

Workshop Highlights:
 a. Use of teamwork in online forums and assignments, along with other online teaching tips
 b. Quality Matters TM* as a good framework for the course syllabus (online and face-to-face courses)
 c. Features in Lessons tool that help satisfy QM standards (6th Edition)

NOTE: Find out more about Quality Matters TM here: https://www.qualitymatters.org.