iLearn Online Toolkit

iLearn Online Teaching Resources

Here are a variety of tools and resources available to help you move some or all of your teaching online.  Try the iLearn’s tools that you have never had the opportunity to touch before.

iLearn Training

Digital Education is hosting iLearn Training and Workshops

Faculty may sign-up for one of the many labs via the Center for Teaching Excellence Workshop Calendar, available via

If you are interested in an evening session, a one-on-one session, or a one-on-one video conferencing session, please give Digital Education a call at (845)-575-3572 to schedule the training session.

Instructor Resources

Marist College's iLearn platform offers many tools for building a robust course site.  From grading to attendance, assignments to test and quizzes, these tools will allow you to customize your site to match your teaching style.  




Marist College offers video web conferencing software for you to use to communicate, collaborate, and work with students. Learn all about Zoom here.


iLearn Tools

The iLearn Learning Management System has a variety of tools to help you teach online.  Most of these tools are integrated into iLearn for easy access.  Tools to consider in your online teaching:

  • Zoom 
  • Assignments
  • Test and Quizzes
  • Gradebook

Teaching Strategies

When you find yourself unable to teach in a regular face-to-face setting, consider these factors and strategies.

  • Determine your schedule
  • Communicate effectively
  • Balance synchronous and asynchronous teaching

Accessibility for Every Student

Success for students with disabilities requires we all work together. Using the tools in iLearn, plus usability approaches, we can take to minimize barriers to educations for our entire student population.

  • Visual

  • Motor

  • Auditory

  • Cognitive