Faculty Documentation: Best Practices for Using the Announcements Tool


  • Effective for “broadcasting” information to members of the course site.

  • Displays full text announcements on the student’s course site.

  • Can be set to appear for a specific amount of time.

  • Students can be notified via email when new announcements are posted.


Creating Announcements

1. On the Announcements page, click Add to create a new announcement. 

2. When authoring announcements, use a meaningful, but short title.

3. Use the formatting tools in the Rich Text Editor (such as red or bold) to stress critical points.

4. In the Access category, choose between “members of this site” or “publicly viewable.”                                                            

5. In the Availability category, you can choose if the announcement will be posted and displayed immediately, hidden and remain as a draft, or become visible to students during a specific timeframe. 

6. Email Notifications automatically push the message to the students’ official Marist email. Use the high notification option for critical messages, otherwise choose none.

Go to Announcements -> Click ‘Edit’ -> Scroll down to ‘Email Notification’ -> From the drop down, select the required email notification priority which can be None, High, Low -> Click ‘Save Changes’ to save these settings.

  • High – All Participants

All the participants of the site are notified through email as soon as this announcement is posted/published.



  • Low – Not received by those who have opted out

Participants who are opted out by the instructor are not notified through email when this announcement is posted/published.



  • None – No notification

All the participants of this site are not notified through as soon as this announcement is posted/published.


Displaying Recent Announcements

You can choose how you would like the announcements to be displayed on the Overview page of your course site.

Students have access to all announcements by going to the Announcements tool on the left menu bar.

  1. On the course site’s Overview page, select Options.

  2. Set the Display Options to show about the first 100 characters of the announcement’s body.

  3. Set the Display Limits to show the past 10 days or the last 2 announcements.

NOTE: These are recommendations from the Digital Education Office. You are not restricted to these options.