Accessible Videos in iLearn

There are many ways to get video content for your course.  You can find videos from YouTube, use your Zoom meetings recordings, use Panopto recordings that you have created, or have been placed in your Panopto site from Zoom.  Captioning is critically important. This allows the hearing impaired to read the words spoken in the video. 

Search for YouTube captioned Videos:
When choosing videos, make sure they have accurate captions.

When searching through  Youtube, add ", CC" after your search terms. Or  filter the YouTube search :

  • Enter your keywords in the YouTube search bar and click Search
  • Click Filter filter results.
  • Click Subtitles/CC
  • Videos with captions available will have “CC” underneath the video summary in search results.

When using Google searches, select the Google Advanced Video Search and select "closed-captioned only" from the subtitles menu.

Or Create captions in your uploaded videos in Panopto (see the video below):


Find step-by-step instructions with screenshots are available on the Panopto Support pages. 

For more information about using Panopto for creating and hosting videos in your class, please click on this Panopto Page link.

Best Practises for Video

  • Adding music to the video is best kept to the introduction and finale. Many find that music playing while someone is talking in videos makes the content harder to comprehend.