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Transitioning to a new Learning Management System  

Over the last 18 months we have performed a comprehensive review of iLearn, our existing Learning Management System (LMS), while also exploring options for a new system. This was a continuation of the process that began in 2019 that was paused due to COVID. This review included input from many of you through a cross-disciplinary task force, community-wide surveys, and open “sandbox” sessions that allowed you to try the various systems that were being evaluated and provide your feedback. 

Based on this extensive analysis, we have decided to adopt Desire2Learn’s Brightspace platform as our new online learning community, which we believe will give faculty, staff and students a simpler to use, more modern system with expanded capabilities and analytics. Brightspace is already used by over 1,500 colleges and universities nationwide, including many New York institutions such as all SUNY schools, NYU, Pace University, Long Island University, and more.  

This is an exciting transition for our faculty and an opportunity to support your instruction both in and out of the classroom with more innovative tools and the ability to collaborate more easily with students. The possibilities through Brightspace are extensive and we’re building training and support resources to assist you with the transition.  

Student Profile: Varun Kumar Reddy Reguri

Varun Kumar Reddy Reguri is a graduate student working in Data Center Operations while pursuing a Master's degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Systems.

From step-by-step instructions, to help in deciding which tool would be best for your teaching style, Digital Education is your support team for iLearn.  Select your role to find help documentation with the iLearn tools. 

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