FAQs for Collaborating Using iLearn

What is a Project Site? (Click To Expand)

Project sites are a virtual space in iLearn for an non-credit bearing courses, community events, student activities, club affairs, or other collaborative projects. They can be used to share materials, distribute information, and facilitate communication via Messages and Forums and other iLearn tools.

To create a project site, you need to be a member of Marist College with a valid Marist ID. When using Worksite Setup tool, choose "Project" template to Create a project site.

What is a "Joinable Site"? (Click To Expand)

In iLearn, you can make your site joinable so that it can be available to a wider audience than the registered participants. Anyone who can log into iLearn can find your site and join it without asking you to add them to the list of participants. A good examples of a joinable site is the Marist Proofreading site in iLearn.

To make your site "joinable", go to "Site Info", click on the "Manage Access" button on the top menu. In the "Gloable Access" section, check "Allow anyone to join the site with valid login id".

To find a joinable site, first find the "Membership" button on the left menu bar on your "My Workspace" page. Then click on the "Joinable Sites" button to see a list of joinable sites in iLearn. Look for the site you want and click "Join" to become a member of the site.


My project site does not appear in my iLearn account. (Click To Expand)

If your project site doesn't appear in your iLearn account, it may be because the site has not been published yet and is not yet available to participants. Please contact your project site administrator to confirm that your project site is ready and you have been added to the site.

If you feel you should have access to a published project site at this time, please contact the Help Desk at (845) 575-HELP or email: helpdesk@marist.edu.


My project site does not appear in my quick links on the top red banner area. (Click To Expand)

Click "Sites" to see a full list of course and project sites to which you have access. If you would like an active project site to appear in your quick links, click the star to the left of this site title and make it one of your "Favorite Sites."

How can I add people to my project site? (Click To Expand)

You can add participants to your project site by yourself. After you log in to iLearn, go to your project site. Click "Site Info" from the left menu bar, then click the red "Add Participants" button on the top menu. You then can add people using their Marist ID or official email address.

If you are still experiencing problems with it, please contact the Help Desk at (845) 575-4357 or email them at: helpdesk@marist.edu. For more information, please read How to Add Participants to Your Project Site.

When I copy and paste from Word, I get weird symbols and "codes". (Click To Expand)

When copying and pasting text from MS Word documents into iLearn you must use the "paste from Word" option to avoid copying underlying "code" that MS Word inserts. If you do not use this option then the text you paste into the Rich Text Editor will initially look fine but when you "post" that text (e.g. post a new Announcement or Forum message) it will appear as garbled symbols or "codes".

The "Paste from Word" option in the Rich Text Editor can be accessed by clicking on the clipboard icon with the "W" on it which is located in the upper row of the Rich Text Editor toolbar (see example tool bar below). A new window will pop open into which you can paste the MS Word text. The click the "OK" button (NOT the "clear up box" button) and the text, minus the underlying "codes", will be pasted in.

For further instructions on using the Rich Text Editor, please see the Best Practices Guide for Using the Rich Text Editor.

I am unable to log in to iLearn. (Click To Expand)

It can take 1-2 business days for your Marist Account to become active in iLearn. If you have just recently become a student at Marist please check back in a day or so to see if you can sign in. If you have been a student for a while and you receive a message indicating that "The account or password entered was not correct", then:

a.   Check to make sure you are using a valid Marist Account.

b.   Check that the spelling of the Marist Account is correct.

c.   Check to make sure that the "Caps Lock" is not on as passwords are case sensitive.

If you are still experiencing problems with it, please contact the Help Desk at (845) 575-4357 or email them at: helpdesk@marist.edu.

I am uploading a file but it does not appear in my Resources folder. (Click To Expand)

This problem may occur if you have exceeded the maximum file size upload set by your system administrator. The maximum file size for one single upload is 500 MB. 

Minimum system and web browser requirements for accessing iLearn. (Click To Expand)

Hardware: At least 512MB of RAM

iLearn requires one of the following web browsers:

a.   Chrome (Windows, Mac) - free download

b.   Firefox (Windows, Mac, or Linux) - free download

c.    Safari (Mac) - free download

d.   Internet Explorer, version 8 or higher (Windows)- free, available through Windows update

You may also require additional plugins (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, etc.), depending on the resources that your instructor uses. Please make sure these are up to date to prevent issues in opening downloaded documents.

Other web browsers and OS combinations such as Opera and Konqueror, etc. may work, but are known to have some incompatibilities.

Older web browsers such as Netscape 4.8 or Internet Explorer 8 or earlier (for Windows or Macintosh) will not work.

Can I access iLearn on mobile devices? (Click To Expand)

iLearn is responsive on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We highly recommend that any items that are time sensitive or grade dependent (such as tests and assignments) be completed or submitted from a full-sized, Ethernet connected device.   

What is the "Watch" feature in Forums? (Click To Expand)

The iLearn "Watch" feature allows you to receive email notifications when forum responses are authored in a particular course. You can choose options to receive notifications on all threads, no threads, or just those threads in which you have authored a post. For more information about Forums, please read this Posting in Forums Tip Sheet.