Student Engagement for Faculty


Effective for "broadcasting" information to members of the course site.
Announcements display full text announcements on the student's course site. You can forward a copy to your student's email so they
 can be notified via email when new announcements are posted.

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   The iLearn Messages Tool can be used to send information to individuals, groups, or all students within a Course Site. Though the Messages Tool is similar to email, there are some important differences.   

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 The discussions tool is used to enhance the communication between you and your students. It resembles an online discussion board. Discussions allow the discussions that occur in a classroom to occur online. 

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Sign-Up tool is a way for instructors to be transparent with the students about times that they are available to meet throughout the semester. It is a much better alternative to the sign-up sheet on the door and convenient for the students too! 

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Zoom is our primary tool for synchronous video conferencing. 

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Panopto is the Marist version of Youtube. It enables professors and students of Marist to record and upload recordings through the iLearn system and have more control over who has access to them. 

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Bullhorn tool is useful for students to search for announcements. Bullhorn is clearly visible at the top of every page. It acts as an alert for the students when an announcement is created, assignment is posted or assignment is graded.

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Commons is a social networking style tool allowing posts with URL to thumbnail expansion, and unthreaded replies, similar to Facebook posts. It may be used as an alternative to other communication tool options, such as Comments in Lessons, or Discussions.

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