Marist Brightspace: W.W. Norton Integration for Instructors 

W.W. Norton 

W.W. Norton integration in Brightspace allows intructors to link specific course content and activities from the W.W. Norton Environment.


Linking W.W. Norton to Brightspace 

Follow the steps below to link W.W. Norton  to your Brightspace course site.  

  1. In your Brightspace course site, click on the Content Tool in the course navigation bar. 

  1. Create a new Unit or Lesson, or locate the Unit or Lesson in which you would like to place the W.W. Norton content. 

  1. Click the Add Existing button. 

  1. Click the External Tool Activity button. 

  1. Select W.W. Norton  



While Marist IT provides access to the W.W. Norton integration in Brightspace, support for W.W. Norton is provided by W.W. Norton