Marist Brightspace: McGraw Hill GO Integration for Instructors 

McGraw Hill GO  

GO is an easy-to-use and quick to set up eBook+ that can connect within Brightspace. GO makes it easier to keep up with progress and direct attention where it matters. 


Linking McGraw Hill GO to Brightspace 

Follow the steps below to link McGraw Hill GO to your Brightspace course site. Once connected, assignments created in McGraw Hill GO can be deployed to the Content Tool in the Brightspace course site. 

  1. In your Brightspace course site, click on the Content Tool in the course navigation bar. 

  1. Create a new Unit or Lesson, or locate the Unit or Lesson in which you would like to place the McGraw Hill GO content. 

  1. Click the Add Existing button. 

  1. Click the More button. 

  1. If this is the first time using the McGraw Hill GO integration in the course you will be asked to create or login to a McGraw Hill account.  

  1. Select the product to pair with your course 

  1. Once a product is paried, the GO table of contents (Select Chapters page) will appear. 



While Marist IT provides access to the McGraw Hill GO integration in Brightspace, support for GO is provided by McGraw Hill.