Marist Webinars & Zoom

Marist College has added an additional web conferencing platform: Zoom.  This platform allows you to video conference with your colleagues, students, and faculty while also available for your use from your iLearn course site. 

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform for which Marist College owns a license. Zoom allows you to engage in live Web conversations with your students using audio, video, and text-based chat features.

Using your Marist account and password will allow you to generate a link that you can share with participants can then follow the web link to join in on a live conversation.

You can use Zoom in several different ways:

  1. Visit the web-based application from the Marist Zoom website to set up your account or create future meeting links.

  2. Integrate Zoom into your iLearn site. If you use iLearn, you can follow Digital Education team’s instructions for creating a direct link for Zoom that directly integrates into your iLearn course site. 

  3. Present using Zoom Webinars 

Zoom, Webinars, and iLearn

Adding the Zoom tool to your iLearn Course Site:

Access your iLearn site, select  "Site Info", select "Edit Site Tools" from the tabs at the top of the screen.  Scroll down to and click the "External Tools". Select Zoom, click "Continue" and then click "Finish" to complete adding the tool.  The link to the Zoom tool will now be displayed at the bottom of the list of tools from the left-hand navigation.

Zoom and Webinar Help Guides

These linked guides will bring you to various support resources.

Digital Education | email: | phone: 845.575.3572