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Marist Faculty: Getting Started with Brightspace

Brightspace is Marist's new learning management system. Below are resources to help Marist Faculty become comfortable with this new digital learning environment. For an overview of navigating within the system, check out the Navigate Brightspace Environment video:

This video is part of the Brightspace Instructor Tutorial YouTube Playlist.

Tips for Success

Get Notification Nudges

Marist Brightspace allows you to customize the notifications that the system sends you related to your courses and other activities. Consider opting in to email and/or SMS (text) notifications for specific items that might slip your mind, such as responding to discussions and submitting assignments.

Help Guide: Customize Brightspace Notifications 

Watch Video: Customize Brightspace Notifications

Download "Pulse" Mobile App

Brightspace Pulse is available for download from any global Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®. The app is generally released at the beginning of the month, and then sometimes mid-month, if issues are found. Depending on how your device is configured, the app may update automatically or you may have to manually check for new versions. More information is available here.

Brightspace Training

Digital Education offers a variety of training resources that include drop-in sessions (in-person), workshops (hybrid), one-on-one tutorials (remote or in-person) and asynchronous trainings. See the Calendars below to register for a training session.  If you are interested in an evening session, a one-on-one session, or a one-on-one video conferencing session, please give Digital Education a call at (845)-575-3572 to schedule the training session.



External Tools for Brightspace

Marist offers even more tools to add to your Brightspace course offering sites:

Brightspace Resources:

The following links will help you familiarize yourself with Brightspace Guides, Community Resources, and Instructional Videos:



Brightspace Glossary

Check out the helpful guides and tutorial videos below for more helpful tips and recommendations. See the Glossary to for resources on how to use the Brighspace tools.

A-C     D-K     L-P     Q-Z


Brightspace Tool Brightspace Course Admin Category Definition Help Guides Tutorial Videos
Announcements Communication Use the Announcements tool to read instructor messages, course information, and other Announcements updates.

Overview: Announcements

Enable Notifications in Announcements

Video: Anouncements Overview
Assignments Assessment The Assignments tool enables you to upload and submit assignments directly into Brightspace. Simply upload your submission to the appropriate assignment and submit.

Overview: Assignments

Create an Assignment

Add or Edit Categories to Manage Assignments

Copy an Existing Assignment

Copy Assignment to Other Course

Hide Draft Assignment and Content

Select Release Conditions and Special Access

Reorder, Edit, or Delete Assignments

Align Learning outcomes to Assignments

Preview Assignments in Evaluation Mode

Video: Create an Assignment

Video: Copy Assignment to Another Course

Video: Select Release Conditions and Special Access

Attendance Learner Management The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your organization or course.

Overview: Attendance

How Attendance is Calculated

Track Attendance

Create an Attendance Register

Video: Attendance Overview
Calendar Site Resources View all your upcoming events in one spot. Add events such as project due dates, office hours, in-class events, and more to your calendar. Overview: Calendar Video: Calendar Overview
Chat Communication The Chat tool is a real-time, text-based collaboration tool. Overview: Chat Video: Chat Overview
Checklists Assessment The Checklists tool allows you to separate tasks into various categories and track your progress. Overview: Checklists Video: Checklists Overview
Classlist Learner Management Use the Classlist tool to view who is enrolled in your course, send email messages or instant messages, view shared locker files, and read classmates' blogs if they have one.

Overview: Classlist

Video: Classlist Overview
Class Progress Learner Management The Class Progress tool tracks your learners' overall progress as a course and individually. Overview: Class Progress Video: Class Progress Overview
Competencies Assessment Competencies help track information about the knowledge, skills and abilities learners acquire as they participate in courses or other learning experiences. Competencies are an inventory of skills and knowledge, rather than measures of how good learners are at something.

Overview: Competencies

Competency Structures

Parent-child Relationships Between Competency Structure Elements

Nested Competency Structures

Competency Views

Setting Visibility for Competency Structures

Allow Users to add Competencies to their Brightspace ePortfolio

Video: Competencies Overview
Completion Tracking   Completion tracking enables instructors to set the method of completion for an activity and provides progress indicators for learners as they complete course activities.

Overview: Completion Tracking

Manage Completion Tracking Settings for a Topic

Check Completion Tracking For a Content Topic

Video: Completion Tracking Overview
Content Site Resources Content is a way for instructors and learners to experience the course materials in Brightspace. Overview: Content Video: Content Overview
Course Builder Site Resources The Course Builder user interface consists of three sections: Toolbox, Course Tree, and Selected Node Panel. The Toolbox allows you to build Outline, Add Content, and Browse Tools. The course tree is a visual representation of your course structure. It displays the hierarchy of your course content as a series of nested nodes. When you select a node in the course tree, the selected node panel displays its details and enables you to perform actions on that node. Overview: Course Builder Video: Set Up a Course


Brightspace Tool Brightspace Course Admin Category Definition Help Guides Tutorial Videos
Discussions Communication Use the Discussions tool to view and subscribe to discussion topics, as well as start new threads. Overview: Discussions Video: Discussions Overview
ePortfolios   The ePortfolio tool is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on, and sharing items that represent your learning.

Overview: ePortfolio

Create and Manage Brightspace ePortfolio Presentations

Create A New Collection

Brightspace ePortfolio Item Collection

Grades Assessment The Grades tool provides a series of features to create and manage your gradebook.

Overview: Grades

Enter Grades

Define Settings

Link a Discussion Assessment to a Grade Item

Manage Grades

Video: Grades Overview

Video: Enter Grades

Video: Define Settings

Video: Link a Discussion Assessment to a Grade Item

Video: Manage Grades

Groups Learner Management Create group work areas for users with the Groups tool. You can use groups to organize users’ work on projects and assignments, or you can create special work areas for users with different learning needs.

Overview: Groups

Create a Group Category

Create Group Work Area for Learners

Group Enrollment Type

What Happens When You Delete a Group Category?

Video: Groups Overview

Video: Group Enrollment Type

Video: What Happens when You Delete a Group Category

Homepages Site Setup Become familiar with your course through the homepage elements that are available to you. Customize Your Course Navbar  
HTML Editor Site Resources Use HTML templates in your course to improve the visual quality of your content and encourage engagement.

HTML Document/ Select Template


Compliance to accessibility standards in HTML-authored content

Video: Making Use of The HTML Editor


Copy Components

Site Resources Ways to move content packages to and from a site. Overview: Import/Export/Copy Components

Video: Import/Export/Copy Components Overview

Insert Elements (Creator+)   Insert Element tool allows content creators to add dynamic components with a user-friendly authoring experience that does not require HTML coding knowledge or experience. Available elements to select: Accordion, Tabs, Click & Reveal, Callout, Timeline, Stylized Quote, and Flip Cards. Overview: Insert Elements  
Insert Practices (Creator+)   Insert Practices empowers you to create formative and interactive learning activities to let learners test their comprehension and get immediate feedback on their understanding of a topic outside of a formal assessment. Note: Practice scores are not saved or tracked; they are only intended to provide the learner with immediate feedback. Available practices to select: Fill in the blanks (Drop-down selections or typed response), Multi-Select, Multiple Choice, Sequencing, Sorting, and True or False. Overview: Insert Practices  
Insights Portal Administration Allows you to to track, measure, and monitor learner progress and help improve adoption and engagement during the learning journey. Overview: Insights Portal Video: Insights Portal Overview
Intelligent Agents Communication The Intelligent Agents tool monitors an org unit to find activity that matches criteria that you set.

Overview: Intelligent Agents

Consideration for Setting Up Agents

Video: Intelligent Agents Overview


Brightspace Tool Brightspace Course Admin Category Definition Help Guides Tutorial Videos
Learning Outcomes Assessment Learning outcomes are pre-defined skills or areas of knowledge that a learner should be able to demonstrate when they finish the activities associated with the outcomes.

Overview: Learning Outcomes

Set Up Learning Outcomes

Create and Manage Learning Outcomes

Video: Learning Outcomes Overview
Links Site Resources Create and manage links to share all or parts of a site.

Create a Link

Fix Broken Links in Content

Video: Create A Link
Manage Files Site Resources The Manage Files tool is a file management system for your course. You can use this tool to organize and upload files associated with your course offering.  Overview: Manage Files Overview: Manage Files
Navigation and Themes Site Setup Customize the look and feel of the navigation of your webpage. Overview: Navigation and Themes Video: Navigation and Themes Overview
Publish Learning Repository The Course Publisher tool enables course providers to easily distribute courses from their Brightspace instance (the host LMS) to a partner's external LMS.

Best Practices for Using Course Publisher

Set up Course Publisher



Brightspace Tool Brightspace Course Admin Category Definition Help Guides  Tutorial   Videos 
Question Library   The Question Library is a central repository that stores and archives questions which you can reuse within a course. Overview: Question Library Video: Question Library Overview
Quick Eval Assessment Quick Eval offers evaluators a single location to view all learner submissions that are awaiting evaluation.

Overview: Quick Eval

Set up Quick Eval

Quick Evals FAQ

Video: Quick Eval Overview
Quizzes Assessment The Quiz tool allows you to build quizzes using varying question types. Overview: Quizzes Video: Quizzes Overview
Rubrics Assessment Use the Rubrics tool to create rubrics easily and efficiently within a course. Overview: Rubrics Video: Rubrics Overview
Self Assessments Assessment Self Assessments is a formative assessment tool that enables you to provide students with a series of questions and immediate feedback for responses. Question types are similar to quizzes, however, student responses are not graded and questions do not have a points value or difficulty level indication. Overview: Self Assessment  
Surveys Assessment Use the Survey tool to gather your feedback and insights on things like your course materials or your instructor's teaching methods. Overview: Surveys Video: Surveys Overview

For More Information about the LMS Transition:

  Digital Education     Email:    Phone:  845-575-3572    Location:  Library 305