Meet the IT Students

The Information Technology department of Marist College hires a number of student employees coming from very diverse backgrounds. Student employees are from all over the world, a mix of undergraduate students and graduate students, those who live locally and those who reside on campus, from a variety of majors. Meet some of these students here!

Information Technology Student Profiles

I want to keep implementing what I have learned in my almost 2 years of experience here in Marist and in Digital Education. I'd like to maintain my connections in Marist, continue contributing to Sakai, and most of all get a job that increases my creative ability and helps me showcase my expertise in Information System Management. A job that bridges both business and technical aspects of an organization is the best fit for me.

Sai Chandrika Neradabilli

Marist professors are attentive and you can ask them any questions you have about your coursework and they are open to answering you. They are almost like parents.

Esther Wekesa

I am part of a global open-source community through which I learned many various skills related to technical Quality Assurance Testing.

Ramana Reddy Battula

The chance to learn something new every day is what I enjoy most about working at the Help Desk.

Shashikanth Reddy Surkanti

When I graduate, I hope to give back to future Marist students by offering guidance on how to approach their college years based on what I've learned and accomplished in mine.

Alexis Colucci

I appreciate the college's support for innovative student ideas and their focus on ensuring student success, which is reflected in their Joint Study Program, fellowships, and internships.

Kavya Sri Kasula

I love that I'm able to work on projects that relate to my major in some way, which allows me to apply the knowledge I've gained in the classroom to real-world projects in the workplace.

Mitchell Riopelle

I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and commit to making a positive impact on the world through my work.

Varun Kumar Reddy Reguri